Another Sober Day – Thankful

Good morning,

It is cold here in Canada today but I woke up before the alarm and felt like I had some great sleep rather than the typical wine slumber I normally experience. So that is the first thing I am grateful for today – other than the fact that I woke up without the headachy feeling and disgusting taste in my mouth. Life is so much better without that.

I went out to the hardware store and the craft store last night and since funds are very tight this year I have decided to make many of my gifts. Creativity is one thing that flies right out the window when my focus is wine several nights a week. If felt amazing to lose myself in making some jewellery and zen-doodling an original Christmas card that I will photocopy and send out this year. I took this year off to work on my art and so far all I have done in 5 months is drink wine, get buzzed, recover, reapeat. What a complete waste of time.

I am going to  begin training for my third half-marathon as well. This is a decision reached by myself, my husband, and my middle daughter over this past weekend. We might try to swing a destination race in Europe this spring if finances allow. The last time I had some time alcohol free I completed two half-marathons. Running was my drug of choice. “I craved a different kind of buzz…” So much better. Running, yoga, reading all seem to fall to the wayside when wine enters the picture. All that is left is HGTV, my couch, and late night snacking. I am grateful to have the will to run again.

Today we will put our tree up. That used to mean lots of rum and eggnog and usually ended with me losing interest halfway through. This year it will be herbal tea and our tree now has lights pre-strung. YAY!

All in all a great start to the day…


Published by: shineshine100

We are two middle-aged women, good friends, who met as a result of being in long-term recovery... This space is a place where we share our stories to help us heal and maybe, just maybe, help someone else heal along the way. I write on unsmashed and my dear friend writes on tale from the addict... Enjoy!

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