Control of my thoughts…

Today I am grateful for the following:

*The effort I am putting towards living life without wine.

*The knowledge that I am the only one who decides what thoughts I will entertain…

*My tree went up yesterday sans wine, rum & egg nog, or frustration over lights…

*I have enlisted some support to help me stay alcohol free for good… Let’s see what coaching has to offer. This feels like a new level of commitment for the life I want to live.

Have an amazing day and think only good things 🙂

Published by: shineshine100

I am a woman who realized that alcohol was taking the joy and vibrancy out of my life. It was an old, fickle friend who turned on me. I needed to let the habit go. Simple but not easy. This blog and the connections I made here helped. A lot. And for that I will always be grateful. Without wine, I have created a beautiful and deeply meaningful life. I am now a certified recovery coach helping others create their own beautiful lives... Thanks for stopping by!

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