Early Sunday… Day 8

So I went to my party last night. I must admit that despite going for my short run (currently training for a half marathon) and to a relaxing yoga class, I was feeling full of angst before setting out to the party. I was a wee bit snappy to my husband as I prepared the appie we were to bring. I had a general feeling of, “I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go…” I used some advice I heard on the Bubble Hour about gratitude and turned my thoughts from I don’t wanna go, to I am grateful to be invited to go. I was skeptical of the advice (listen to the radio podcast at thebubblehour.com entitled “A Grateful Heart Never Relapses” – great advice for those trying to put the wine glass down) but it worked! I made sure I had my own special drinks and they were delicious! I also went to Starbucks before arriving so that I had a drink in my hand for the the first half and hour. This was a great idea because it took the initial pressure of “What can I get you to drink” off and gave me time to acclimatize by being able to say “I’ll get a drink when I finish my caffeine fix, thanks.” By the time that happened everyone was happily sipping their cocktails and I was left to make my mocktail in peace without a ton of explaining and spotlight on what I was drinking.
I had a great time. I laughed really loud because that is what I do. When I am drinking and I laugh loudly, I worry that I appear drunk and so I am constantly trying to tone myself down. Or I go the other way with a “what the f#@k attitude and do make a fool of myself. It felt so freeing to simply be myself. I did not say anything I regret. Best of all I remember it all. Right before we were leaving I was chatting with one of my daughter’s team mates about schooling. Her mom was very buzzed and trying to give her advice. I was chatting with here about her struggles in university and what classes she was taking. I could really feel her listening to me and the RELIEF I felt to not be hammered and dispensing advice was amazing.
I love these people and I had a wonderful time. It feels so much better to be fully present in all conversations and really listen. Alcohol makes me selfish, bitchy, and sad. So grateful to be alcohol free today with my self-worth intact. Proud of who I was last night and that is never the case when drinking…
So for anyone looking for a fantastic “cocktail” option this holiday season, the following is truly delicious:

San Pellegrino over ice with a very healthy splash of cranberry cocktail. A squeeze of myers lemon and a couple of slices of fresh ginger. Oh my goodness the ginger added a spicy little kick to my old standby. Delicious, healthy, low calorie, and regret free!! HA HA! Probably fat free too…



2 thoughts on “Early Sunday… Day 8”

  1. On day 100 and keep finding all these amazing blogs that help me along the way. I am in December of 2013…and reading each day. Thank you!

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