Pouring Rain…

Absolutely pouring here in Mexico but we are making the best of it. Another day is coming to a close and I am firm in my resolve to do this holiday alcohol free. Normally the rain would have provided a perfect excuse to do nothing but drink so I am surprised at how well this is going. We rented bikes today to ride through town and we had a great time. Stopped for lunch at a cool beachfront spot. We ordered watermelon and pineapple “frescas” and they were delicious. Again, I looked around and in that entire restaurant only one man was having a drink, and it was a beer at that. Everyone else was drinking pop or coffee. If I had been drinking, we would have had at least three beers and I would have had to ride my bike half-snapped all the way back to the bike rental place. I know that accountability is helping, through these posts. And feeling so good in the morning is wonderful as well. My husband has twice said to me, “I just know you are going to do it this time…” I know it shouldn’t matter what others think but I find it very encouraging that he senses this time is different as well. I just need to keep the momentum going. But for now, just grateful at the quiet calm I feel about things. It does feel a little boring but I choose to call it peaceful rather than boring. Anyway, there is my check-in for today…


2 thoughts on “Pouring Rain…”

  1. I am reading about your trip and taking notes. In February I leave for an all-inclusive vacation w/ 4 other couples and no children. It will be 102 days sober when I step on that plane. (Lord willing) We went last year but I was drinking then, now I am not. I am trying not to think about it b/c everyone drinks who is going and we drank so much last year. I just emailed the resort today and they don’t have sparking water??? OMG, what? I don’t drink soda. I almost cried. I emailed the concierge and waiting to hear back. I obviously cant bring my own to South America. Yesterday my BF and I were looking at pictures form last year and he said, “How are you going to deal with 10 drunks for a week?” I said, spend lots of money on spa services?? In my mind, I have no idea.

    Hoping you have a fabulous trip. Your husband sounds very supportive. That is awesome.


  2. You can do this momma bee. Honestly, if I can do this anyone can. The resort will have tons of fruit juices and during the day my go to beverage is ice water with a squeeze of lime. I bought a fantastic insulated bottle so everyone probably assumes it is filled with beer or pina coladas. When the waiters come by to offer something I simply tap my bottle and say I am fine thanks. Honestly this is my 7th time at an all-inclusive and I am having the best time by a LONG shot. My husband says I will be the only one to come home a few pounds lighter after being at an all-inclusive. But I am eating so healthy here – lots of salads, fresh fruit and fish… And walking the beach each day. It can be done and it is a lot more fun doing it regret-free!

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