Last full day at the resort…

So we are on the final day of our vacation as tomorrow we travel home. Today we go on a tour snorkelling with turtles and to a sea cave. When we return I will swim laps or go for a run as that really helps reset the system if I am feeling bored, negative, or grouchy. Worked last night, thankfully. The great thing about going to the gym around 5pm during pre-dinner cocktail hour in a resort is tht most people have had at least a few drinks and so I have the gym all to myself. It also helps with filling in the somewhat long evening between the time the sun sets and bedtime. Always a good plan to get the endorphins on my side too – a natural high that doesn’t make me say or do stupid things.

It has been three weeks today without any alcohol and that is the longest stretch in a year. I feel good about that. I seem to have lost some “puffiness” all over my body and the bags under my eyes that I thought were mine for good have eased up. These are all gifts that an alcohol free life is bestowing upon me and I am grateful.

As the trip is nearing the end, thoughts of home have begun forming in my mind. We have a lot of company with us over the next couple of weeks and so I need to start planning some strategies around that. We spend Christmas at a ski village not far from where we live – about an hour. We have a condo there. It is tough to get away from others as the living space is small and all together if that makes sense. Most of the people visiting will be there just for food and drinks après skiing but some will stay with us. Anyway, without getting too far ahead of myself, that is what is on my mind right now. I feel very empowered by remaining alcohol free for this holiday which seemed like a very tall task. So now that the holiday season is upon us, I feel way more equipped to handle what comes my way especially because things will be happening for the most part on my turf where I can control the schedules and drink making etc. I think the only thing that is wearing me down right now is the DAILY drinking on my husband’s part. When we are at home and I am not drinking he tends to keep it to his hockey night and maybe something on the weekends if we have plans. But here in Mexico and at home during the holidays it has been and will be daily. I need to accept that he will do what he wants to do and concern myself with me and my goals. That is WAY easier said than done. So that is where things are at today. Have a good one!

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