I can handle this…

Going Home…
So we are waiting for our transit ride to the Cancun airport. It has been a very long night without much sleep. Before I settled into bed last night, I texted my teens back home to make sure all was well since my mom had decided to go home early. Two were up at the ski hill and one was home. Like only a mother of teenagers can, I sensed something was up. Finally my daughter face-timed us looking for help. Our son – 16 years – had drank several beers with a friend and was not doing well. Breathing was erratic. Temperature cool to the touch and vomiting non-stop. I told her to ask her friend to drive them both to the hospital in our home town, about an hour away. They didn’t even make it to the front door. His breathing was so bad she thought he was going to die right there in the hallway. They called 911. So grateful for firefighters right now. They worked on my son while waiting for an ambulance to come up to the ski hill to transport him to the hospital. Stabilizing him proved to be a tough task. We suspect he reacted to the ADHD medication he was on and began to seizure. I cannot tell you how terrifying it is to be more than 3000 miles away, desperately texting and face-timing trying to send and receive information because your child is in the midst of a medical emergency. Finally the ambulance arrived and they transported him to the hospital where one of my dearest friends met them. Such an utterly helpless feeling being so far away and so unable to do anything concrete for him or my daughter.
I can tell you this though: I was stone cold sober and very calm throughout the entire ordeal. Okay I broke down once when they waited to long to update us and I wondered if he had passed away and they didn’t know how to tell us… God how the mind can torture us. I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am that I was not hammered and trying to deal with this situation. I would have been over reacting, emotional, angry, and quite possibly hysterical rendering myself a hinderance on the proceedings had I had a gut-full of wine. And then to try to go on so little sleep today is one thing but to do it with an epic hangover to boot would have been miserable.
They kept him overnight for observation and since we are en-route I am not sure how things are going but I trust all is well. Internet was not working at the Cancun Airport. The silver lining and gratitude item in all of this is that I was fully present and there for my kids when they needed me to the best of my ability – despite it being the last night at an all-inclusive… Sobriety – a good thing.

One thought on “I can handle this…”

  1. So glad everything is ok….. I could not imagine. That is a huge fear of mine when being away from my children. Great thinking on your daughters part. Thankful for today’s technology. Prayers to your son and you as you travel home.

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