Company’s Coming…

Boxing Day…
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is behind me and I have managed to remain alcohol free throughout all of it, I would have thought I would be feeling better. Elation really ought to be more appropriate than the funky feeling I have currently. Perhaps I know that now tough part starts: today company arrives and lots of it. People I used to drink with. But also people who have seen me sober for a long stretch in the past. And their mostly grown up kids – all who have seen me drink lots. And once this group leaves, another two groups arrive. It will be a full week before life begins to return to normal. So I need a plan. We are up at the ski hill and there is not a lot of space to get away from things. I have my bedroom but my own two teens will be crashing in their with me to make room. I think I need to be outside as much as possible. Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, skating, or just walking. I have brought up lots of different yummy alcohol free beverages. I have pure cranberry juice, fresh lemons, ginger, eggnog to be steamed, herbal tea, and amazing coffee. I need to keep my thoughts real and not romance the drink. Period. Whenever a thought comes up I remember to past weekends, Christmases, and ski trips where I had to talk myself into feeling good enough to get up and get outside, when really I just desperately wanted to stay in bed and recover. Many days I did just that. So I am grateful to feel well today. I am grateful for my friends and their awesome kids and the chance to visit them with a clear mind and say only uplifting things. I am grateful that I will remember all of the conversations. I am grateful to be up at a ski hill enjoying the winter wonderland. I am grateful for the smell of coffee wafting my way from my nightstand right now. Sober and choosing to love it for another day!

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