Benefits of No More Wine…

Up early again today. Working for a living can be kind of harsh sometimes especially is the dead of a cold Canadian winter… But up I got and I am grateful for the work I am doing as it is interesting and making miss being in my own classroom. As I got ready for work, I was so grateful to ONLY feel the early morning tired in my bones and not a chemical hang-over from too much wine the night before. That realization and resulting gratitude gave me a surge of joy as I plugged the curling iron in. Somehow, no matter what time I get up, there always seems to be a bit of a mad dash to be on time. As I was mentally berating myself for taking too long to get out the door, I glanced in the rear-view mirror of my car. My eyes were so clear, they actually had a bit of sparkle in the early morning. I was so startled by my own healthy reflection that I did a double take. Yup. I confirmed it was me in the reflection – no dark circles either. Not poisoning my body daily has some very nice consequences. A sound sleep. A detoxed system. Hydration. All of these things contribute to the healthy reflection. The berating over being “late-ish” stopped and for the second time this morning I felt that surge of joy and pride in the hard work of becoming a non-drinker in an alcohol obsessed world. It is worth it. Day by day I am becoming the woman I dreamed of becoming when I was a little girl… I feel confident in my work, happier in my home life, and at peace with who I am. For today anyway… 🙂

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