Staying in the moment…

The weather is like spring today. It makes me feel hopeful and at the same time I need to remind myself that it is only mid-January. More winter is likely on the way. There I go again – anticipating the future rather than simply enjoying what is. If I am to be fully in the moment, then I need to enjoy this weather with all that I have. After I finish work in about an hour, I will go for a run downtown and enjoy the vitamin D to the fullest of my ability. I will go purchase a protein shake for lunch and then I will be golden. Exercise is the key to all things for me. I will run 8km. That is my intention. I will feel so good having done that. For dinner I will make acorn squash stuffed with quinoa. I wonder about yoga tonight? Too much? We shall see. Sometimes it is good to fill the evenings with something healthy otherwise I tend to tear apart my cupboards and pantry looking for junk to eat. Hot yoga seems to calm that impulse down… Stay in the moment. Stay in the moment. Enjoy. Whenever I look to the future I get a bit anxious wondering how I will pull off my goal of never drinking wine again and then I get a feeling of frustration so I need to be careful and intentional with my thoughts. Sometimes I think it is impossible to stay fully in the moment. But I think the most calm and happy people are the ones who are able to do just that. And when I take stock of how things are going mostly right now, I am much better with a clear head. So I needn’t worry about the future. I just won’t have any wine right now and that is easy. Don’t even want any right now. Have my venti chamomile tea and a smoothie and run soon – who would want wine right now? See, that is easy to manage. This moment… Right now…

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