Freaky Fridays

When the Going Gets Rough and Liberation of Thinking

These were the topics at this morning’s meeting. I am still so new this sobriety thing. What this brought to my mind was the fact that for the last two Fridays the obsession to drink has been lifted. And that is a miracle of epic proportions. My husband went for drinks after work last Friday as we often used. I thought I better DO something different of I might start the self-pity train. So I went to Yoga. And I felt great. Yesterday during the cocktail hour I took the dog for a walk. I felt great once again! After dinner we rented a movie and my husband had a few drinks while we watched it. I never once, not even for a moment entertained the thought of having a glass of wine. It was not a choice. No drinking, no debating. No should I? Shouldn’t I? Do I really have a problem? I won’t drink too much… I made a huge pot of tea and I enjoyed it. What a relief! What a liberation of thinking! Friday used to be rough going for me as I felt like the rest of the world agreed that it was okay to get bombed. But for some unexplainable reason, when I attend these recovery meetings and RESERVE judgement and just listen for what I need to hear, the obsession to drink is removed. And that is liberation… Have a good one!

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