Do Not Take Counsel of Your Fears

“Do Not Take Counsel of Your Fears” – General Barry McCaffrey

This quote from, “Meditations from the Mat,” resonates in a deep place within me. Having just completed some awareness work around old fears, a pattern revealed itself. Much of my life has been dictated from trying to avoid discomfort brought on by my fears, more specifically my insecurities.

A definition of “insecurity” from
1.lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt.

My fears and insecurities have been my closest advisors for decades and their place in my mind has been one of complete freedom to do whatever they want and to morph into whatever they feel like. I have granted them permission to run wild within my heart resulting in my emotions, words, and actions following along like crazy zealots.

Enough. I have fired them and let them know their services are no longer necessary. I recognize that I will have to do this over and over and over again – multiple times daily – for the rest of my ever-loving life but that is okay. My goal is to know when it is fear talking and taking over my thoughts, emotions, words and actions and instead of taking counsel from them — do something different. Such as gathering courage despite my fears and to move in a courageous, loving direction rather than in a fearful, protective reaction.

For me, it all begins with an awareness – “Oh hello fear – you are familiar now that I am NOTICING you. Thank you for trying to protect me. I’ve got this. I am choosing love even if I don’t know how it will turn out.” And that is my intention. To live my life deliberately and freely, I choose to ask myself is this a fearful choice or a loving choice? And then to have the courage to choose love over fear every single time…

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