Thriving in Sobriety

And another new year begins. It seems that I blinked my eye and this holiday season was behind me. We were away on a warm vacation – not an all-inclusive – but beachy and warm and cocktaily nonetheless. I can honestly report, with some surprise that I rarely missed drinking while there. I have done this particular vacation before when I was trying to get sober and while I did manage to stay alcohol-free – it was bloody tough. But not this time. My thinking mind wants to know why so that I can analyze it to death and do everything exactly right so it can be repeated in the future. But the thing is, life doesn’t work that way. For now, I am grateful that I made it through and I had a wonderful time and the thought of drinking held zero appeal, in fact it seemed to stir up a revulsion within my soul at the mere thought of being sloppy, bloated, hungover and eating crap late night. “No thanks” seemed to be the consensus with very little will power needed on my part.

I was busy living my beautiful, sober life. I journaled, walked daily, yoga daily and ate well. I checked in with myself often and I know that if I had been struggling I would have contacted someone from home to support.

Lately, I feel a profound sense of peace around my sober status. Oh God, I hope that it stays but I know that it probably won’t. There will be ups and downs and all arounds. But for now, I am basking in the fact that my mantra is manifesting in my life: “I am THRIVING in sobriety…” It seems to be true and I am so grateful. There is no angst around my sober status, no wishing I could join in with others’ who are drinking, no pining for wine, no romancing the drink. I am so very content to be doing what I am doing: not drinking. Such a better way to live… Happy 2015 to everyone…

11 thoughts on “Thriving in Sobriety”

  1. It sounds like you are in an awesome place! I can relate a bit to the feeling of knowing that drinking will just bring on feeling gross. Whenever I think about drinking I just think about messed up I would get at the end of each night- essentially passing out, and how hungover I used to be all the time. Not a good scene. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Oh God I can’t wait to get there 🙂 I am on day 50 and there are days when I could just grab that wine bottle and drink straight from it. I still feel like I am “missing” my best friend….I still feel like it will make me happier if I could resume drinking….but every morning when I wake up my reward is there…..clear eyed, full of energy, no regrets and ready to tackle the world again. Also, the journey is amazing! I have returned to my church, restarted yoga and am tackling meditation and those 3 initiatives have really helped. And of course the blogs….they are a lifesaver – truly! I know in my heart I would not have gotten through 50 days without them.

    1. Oh I so hear ya! But like you said the rewards of not-drinking totally outweigh the pain of drinking… I heard a quote that I love – “Sobriety is bringing everything drinking promised…” So much wasted time sitting on my couch thinking of all things I would do with my life one and then never feeling well enough to do anything except drink again the next day – so sad. Contrasted with living such a full and vibrant life these days. I LOVE it. And we should be damn proud of ourselves. Good on you for your 50 – that is AWESOME!!!

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