Sober Cleansing

A huge part of my program is to develop awareness of where/how I am today compared to where/how I was when actively drinking. A year ago my husband,  along with a  good friend and myself embarked on a cleanse. I thought it looked like a good one as it was not a juice or water cleanse which I KNOW would not be a good fit for me. We researched and then gathered the supplies to do Dr. Junger’s Clean Cleanse. And I was excited. Here I was newly sober (again) and now I was going to become the super fit and healthy woman I always dreamed of becoming. I lasted two days. I felt entirely ripped off and put out the whole time. It was too much to give up my wine and now have so many restraints on my food intake. No coffee?! No dairy?! No gluten?! And scariest of all: NO SUGAR!!!  I was bitter and resentful towards all humans who were just out there sipping wine, coffee, noshing on cheese, fresh baked bread and ending each day with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I finally realized that this might make me pick up again if I wasn’t careful and so I wisely quit the cleanse.

Fast forward to this year, I am calmer, more resolved and not bitter or resentful at all. Okay maybe just a tad as I walk by your table and  see the pizza sitting on your plate… But it passes. I have been doing the cleanse for EIGHT DAYS now and damn I am proud of that. Jeans seems a little looser and the caffeine has lost its grip on me. But most importantly, I am really trying to lose the sugar thing I have go going on… Feels familiar – need it to feel better and as soon as I am done want some more.

I really believe that the reason things seem easier this year is because I no longer feel left out, sorry for myself or like I am being deprived of the ability to drink wine. I am starting to know in my heart of hearts what a gift sobriety is. Sobriety is bringing me everything that drinking promised. That is something worth noticing.

10 thoughts on “Sober Cleansing”

  1. I don’t feel deprived of booze. I am glad to be free.

    I used to be the queen of cleansing. But i am too scared to rock my comfortable boat to do that yet!

    Yay for you. At day 8 you are almost done. Nice!

  2. I’m so with you on this! It’s amazing, making the change from thinking that giving up the drink is a sad thing to realizing how great it is to be sober! Best of luck with the rest if the cleanse, and with beating back the sugar thing. xo

  3. Wow, so funny to read your quest for a cleanse led you to Junger’s book and program. I did the same thing back in September. I really knew at that time it was the alcohol that had to go but also a good healthy diet wouldn’t hurt either. I gutted it out for 5 days – with such a bad headache I ended up in the doctors office getting checked for malaria! (I live in Kenya so not that far of a stretch there) Once the caffeine withdrawal ended I made it another half a day without alcohol. I stuck to the rest of the cleanse for the full 21 days but couldn’t get rid of the wine! This is really what ultimately showed me that I HAD to stop for good! So on November 30 I began my quest for an alcohol free life. Its had its ups and downs but I am determined, for the good of myself and for my family to stick with it. I like how you said it – Sobriety is bringing me everything drinking promised! and I’ll add – Plus more!!! I am a new blogger and this has really been helping me stay focused. I want to encourage you to also stick it out and continue to embrace your sobriety. I am on day 45 and it feels great (today, anyway!) Mama Sue (my blog is if you want to read my 2 posts)

      1. Thanks for the encouragement! I actually changed my blog domain b/c the other one was too complicated for me and no one could log on with out a password. My new site is Please see if you can log on to that one. I’d appreciate the feedback! thx

  4. I love that phrase…”what a gift sobriety was.” It’s a great way to look at things – not so much what we gave up, but rather what we got instead. Thanks for pointing that out to me. 🙂

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