Damn Disease

I am currently in my home town which is always a bit of an emotional battlefield for me. Lots of memories. This is where my family of origin split up. This is the town we left when I was almost 13 to be closer to my maternal grandparents as my mom tried to pick up the pieces after my dad’s alcoholism blew apart our family. It is hard being here. A family member who was like a sister to me growing up, is end stage. She has seizures when she stops and she can’t stay stopped. And I want to fix it for her but I know that I can’t. I am hoping to find her sober enough in the next day or so to “…extend my hand to the alcoholic who still suffers.” I don’t know if she will hear me but I want to share my story in the hopes that she hears something that she can relate to before it really is too late. In Stevie Tyler’s words, “I am sending out a prayer for the desperate heart tonight…” Asking anyone reading this to send out a prayer for my dear cousin… who was once like a sister to me ❤


Published by: shineshine100

We are two middle-aged women, good friends, who met as a result of being in long-term recovery... This space is a place where we share our stories to help us heal and maybe, just maybe, help someone else heal along the way. I write on unsmashed and my dear friend writes on tale from the addict... Enjoy!

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