Not Done Yet…

I am sad to report that my cousin left treatment early. She had a number of excuses why. Not a single reason. She was drinking before her dad picked her up from the airport. Her girls are devastated. She has spent a night in emergency because of a fall that was likely caused by a seizure. She walked away from the hospital only to get drunk all over again and this time wind up in the drunk tank. When she sobered up, they let her out and she spent the night at the women’s shelter. Her partner found her sitting in the back yard with a black eye the next morning. And she still refuses to go back to treatment. It is insanity. It is devastating. This is chronic, acute, hopeless alcoholism. There is not a thing anyone around her can do until she surrenders. I am baffled. To choose this over recovery must be a terrifying place to be. I have been on a roller coaster of emotion and my people in recovery have been with me – checking in and helping me to process this. And challenging me to step back until she is ready. I have taken the advice to protect my own precious sobriety. That is the gift in this pit of despair: I am so damn grateful for my sobriety. I want it for her. But she has to want it for herself. So for now, I am taking the wise advice and I am stepping back. She knows my number when she is done. Protect your sobriety with all of your heart and soul because the alternative is terrifying…

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I am a woman who realized that alcohol was taking the joy and vibrancy out of my life. It was an old, fickle friend who turned on me. I needed to let the habit go. Simple but not easy. This blog and the connections I made here helped. A lot. And for that I will always be grateful. Without wine, I have created a beautiful and deeply meaningful life. I am now a certified recovery coach helping others create their own beautiful lives... Thanks for stopping by!

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6 thoughts on “Not Done Yet…”

  1. Oh, I am so sad and heartbroken for your cousin. Sending her, her family, and you and your family so many healing thoughts and prayers. I hope she feels all the love around her and finds a way to stop the cycle. She must be feeling so sad and scared right now. Love to you and to her.

  2. I’m very sad to read this. I hope your family member turns to help again soon, and I hope you’re doing well, too. This stuff is just so darned hard sometimes! xo

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