My Mom Knows What to Do…

I received a text from a friend of my daughter’s last evening. It was long. It was full of anguish. It was desperate. My daughter gave this young guy my number because she knows he is struggling with a colossal drinking/drugging problem. My auto-pilot reaction was something like: “damn – she outed me – another person knows I am in recovery…” Recognizing that I was in reaction, I took a deep breath and chose another perspective. This is the same daughter who was so upset that I felt I needed to quit drinking and could not do it without help from a recovery group. She was embarrassed. That was a few years ago. Fast forward to today and she is proud of her sober mama – so proud in fact, she is recommending me to her own friends who are in trouble and scared. “My mom would be more than happy to help you… Here is her number…” Guess she is not embarrassed any more. I love recovery and I love that I get to go pick her friend up tomorrow morning at 6:30am and take him to his first meeting. I can not think of a single thing I would rather do than help another suffering alcoholic who is afraid and out of control. Does it get any better than this? Little by slowly I am becoming the woman I dreamed of being when I was a little girl. I could not have said that when I was still showing off my purple teeth and blood shot eyes. And the gifts keep on coming!


10 thoughts on “My Mom Knows What to Do…”

  1. I am so honoured to walk this path with you.
    I will pray he hears the truth. That there is freedoms and joy in recovery.

    It warms my heart to hear your daughter has such high regard for you. Be proud of yourself.

  2. My mom was physically present but emotionally checked out much of the time. I wouldn’t have dreamed of asking her for any help, let alone referring my friends to her. But the people around you clearly see you as an embodiment of strength, support, and unconditional love, even when it comes to near-strangers. I would be proud to have a mom like you.

  3. I can’t tell you how much your words and story inspire me. Before I stopped drinking I started reading your blog. I have had to reread all posts because I didn’t remember them from reading when I was drunk. I am now 55 days sober. I have a sponsor, a home group, and an amazing AA community. I have 2 small children (girls 2&4). I pray that one day they see me as your daughter sees you…strong, available, nonjudgmental, a role model. I pray that they will come to me if they or a friend of theirs needs help. It is so awesome to read your journey and hear your words and outlook on life change. I have a picture in my head of the woman I want to become. You give me so much hope that it is possible. Please keep writing! Your words are helping so many! Especially me.

    1. I am sitting in my favourite coffee shop with tears in my eyes reading your words. Thank you so very much. This is what it is all about – walking together and sharing our stories. Your girls will be so very fortunate to have a sober mama while they are so young. While I try to have no regrets, I must admit that I wish I had been sober while my kids were as young as yours are. It did not happen for me and I pray that it will be your story. And congratulations on 55 days!!! You will never regret a day spent sober. For me, there were many, many days of regret when I drank. No way to live. Sobriety is such a gift. Keep on going! And thank you for taking the time to tell me a small part of your story…

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