Attitude of Gratitude

So I was recently listening to the Bubble Hour – a fantastic radio blog site for those looking for discussion on recovery related issues – and they had an entire show dedicated to the idea that a grateful heart does not relapse… So I am taking the advice and going to intentionally list things that I am grateful for each day so that my mind, thoughts, words, and actions will stay in a positive place. So here goes:

  • the view outside of my windows – winter has arrived and it is breathtaking
  • my beautiful retriever who is always keeping me company and always has such a kind look on his face
  • my mom who supports me no matter what
  • the treat of being able to go hang out with my daughter while she is on her spare – coffee perhaps???
  • the anticipation of a Christmas vacation spent completely real and in the moment – what a gift that will be

Have a wonder-filled day!

I will endeavour to add my gratitude list to my blog DAILY and refer to it when needed…

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